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Sealac ltd | Seaweed Production

Our activities

Sealac | Animal nutrition

Animal nutrition

Seaweed is a natural and pure resource with a great potentiality, used directly to feed animals or mixed into feedstuff. Ascophyllym nodosum provide minerals and trace elements to supports the health and well-being of animals.

Sealac | Plant nutrition

Plant nutrition

Ascophyllum nodosum is a natural resource for plant nutrition, used as a great value ingredient for producers of fertilizer and organic foliar products.

Sealac | Spa & cosmetics

Spa & cosmetics

Ascophylum nodosum is a natural active ingredients for cosmetics formulas. Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals trace elements, animo acids seaweed moisturize and protect skin and body.

Sealac | Human nutrition

Human nutrition

As a super food, Ascophyllum nodosum is naturally rich in fibres, minerals, traces element and play a crucial role for human well being. Seaweed contains active ingredients with essential and functional properties.

New product launch: Electrolyte Plus seaweed based

Sealac Electrolyte Plus is a seaweed based oral rehydration treatment for suitable for calf's, foals piglets, lambs.... Sealac Electrolytes Plus contains a mix of brown algae that aids rehydration and offer nutrients that stimulates good gut health.  Feel free to contact us for more information.